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You've spent the last few months rehabbing from an orthopedic surgery. No doubt you're sick of theraband exercises, and want nothing more than to start throwing some weight around at your CrossFit or strength gym. But you haven't touched a weight heavier than the 10lb. dumbbell your physical therapy office has in months.

So how do you get from theraband exercises back to snatches, muscle-ups, kipping, heavy squats, and more???

The problem is that most doctors and physical therapists don't understand the physical demands of your sport. If they haven't watched you perform a kip, an overhead squat, or any of the other advanced movements you want to get back to, they can't tell you that it's safe for you to start working on and they don't know enough to coach you through the proper progressions.

In order to maximize your long-term performance and protect the surgical procedures completed you need to work with someone that understands the medical procedures performed as well as and the movements you love doing. Our team specializes in this combination of skills and want to become your perfect coach to get you back to training!

Returning To CrossFit and Weightlifting After Surgery | Onward Physical Therapy

The Onward Difference

The transition between standard post-operation rehab and full sports participation is crucial to ensuring long term health and performance!
Put The Fire Out
We begin with an online consultation reviewing your surgery, rehab progression, and future goals.
Analyze Your Movement
Perform movement-based analysis to identify your current physical limitations.
Build You Back Up!
Based on your goals and current movement status we game plan an optimal transition program to get you back into your best fighting shape! These programs can be as simple as outlining progressions that you need to work through yourself or as detailed as a fully customized program written by your Doctor of Physical Therapy.
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