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We are not for everyone, but if we are for you, there’s nowhere else you’ll want to be.

physical therapy version 2.0

If you often feel out of place for caring too much or never being satisfied, welcome home.  Alternatively, if good is good enough in your world, we are not your tribe. At Onward we are proud that every member of our brand is ruthlessly:

  • Fitness forward
  • Servant leaders
  • Choose the hard road
  • Is obsessed with excellence

At Onward, we are looking for physical therapists with two specific backgrounds to serve as their foundation for success in our movement to change how physical therapy is done nationwide...


What we're seeking

  • Physical therapists trained by The Institute of Clinical Excellence (ICE).  Our clinicians at Onward are all specialists, a designation they have earned by completing and passing live and written examinations in one of seven different tracts offered by ICE.  Having this shared competency is what has allowed our brand to deliver consistent and exceptional care in dozens of different cities nationwide.
  • Individuals who live and breathe a “fitness forward” lifestyle.  We practice what we preach….to the extreme.  We aren’t going to pretend we know about running if we aren’t knocking out annual marathons ourselves.  We won’t try and fine tune the movement of CrossFit athletes unless we’re preparing for a competition ourselves.  We prefer a world where action matters more than words, where every clinician strives to lead from the front daily. 

what we offer

  • A brand that is synonymous with excellence.  Patients expect to get results when they go to an Onward, and that expectation is working in your favor from the moment you put on our jersey.  As our website says, “over 2000 5-star reviews can’t be wrong” and they aren’t.  Our unique form of fitness forward, manual therapy skilled, and psychologically informed training through ICE combined with one one-on-one care delivered inside our beautiful private facilities is a proven recipe for success.
  • Mentoring from industry leaders in both physical therapy training and business.  Our leadership team is made up of individuals who teach cutting-edge PT principles across the country every month, mentor leaders of organizations within and outside of physical therapy, and are all responsible for building seven-figure companies.  They bring their diverse and considerable experience to mentor you in business, leadership, patient care, and everything in between.

How to act

Simply send an email right now to info@onwardphysicaltherapy.com.  Feel free to attach a resume but don’t feel obligated, a simple description of your background with ICE courses and a brief “why” regarding your desire to be involved with Onward is all that’s required. You’ll hear back from our leadership team within 24 hours of sending the email with follow up questions and if appropriate an opportunity to hop on a phone call and chat more.  

When asked how much scale we expect out of Onward, we always answer “as much as excellence can provide and not an inch more”. Are you the excellence we’re looking for? 

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