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Experiencing Back Pain from Lifting Weights? Common Weightlifting Mistakes & Tips for Proper Form

Are you working hard in the gym to improve your fitness, strength, and physique? You’ll want to avoid these five common weightlifting mistakes that often cause back pain to stay healthy and perform at your best. Steady Increases in Training Volume & Intensity By far, the most essential consideration in getting ahead of weightlifting back pain is not doing too...
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Dry Needling for Neck & Shoulder Pain

If you are looking for relief from neck and shoulder pain then dry needling should be at the top of your list for techniques that can help. Dry needling for neck and shoulder pain is one of the most effective solutions to reduce symptoms when combined with exercises to improve mobility and strength further. In this article, we’ll share how...
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Chewing on Wellness: How Can Physical Therapy Help TMJ?

What is TMJ/TMD?  The temporomandibular joint, often abbreviated as the TMJ, is the joint that makes up your jaw and is a frequent area of incredible pain for many people. When this joint is painful, the condition is named temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or TMD for short. Individuals suffering from TMJ pain often have difficulty eating, sleeping, talking, laughing, and more....
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 Knee Pain

Runner’s Knee: Causes & Treatment

What is Runner’s Knee?  Runner’s knee is a painful condition frequently occurring in endurance athletes where the patellofemoral joint (knee-cap) becomes painful during runs. This is among the most commonly occurring running-related injuries and can range from mild knee pain that warms up during your runs to debilitating levels that prevent any training. Common Causes of Runner’s Knee There are...
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 Fitness Athlete

Wrist & Elbow Pain in Front Rack Position

One of the most common complaints barbell athletes experience is elbow or wrist pain in the front rack position. Whether this is during front squats, cleans, or jerks/pressing, the mobility requirements of this position often result in front rack wrist pain that can be hard to alleviate. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common causes of elbow & wrist...
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Shoulder Pain with Overhead Press

Shoulder pain during overhead pressing can happen for different reasons. Some people will have pain in their shoulder at the top of the range of motion while others will report pain during the initiation of the movement from the front rack position. Different presentations of pain require different rehab approaches. Experiencing Shoulder Pain when Overhead Pressing? What should you do...
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Medial Elbow Pain in Baseball & Softball Players

Baseball/softball is a sport that requires a great deal of skill, strength, and coordination.  Baseball players often train extensively to develop these abilities but even with the best training and conditioning, injuries can still occur.  One common injury location among baseball players is medial elbow, which can be debilitating and frustrating for our athletes.  What is Medial Elbow Pain? Elbow...
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Tailbone Pain During Pregnancy

Tailbone pain during pregnancy is common, but that doesn’t mean it’s normal! In fact, many women experience tailbone pain during pregnancy due to the many expected changes that the female body goes through.  Tailbone pain typically occurs due to the changes the tailbone experiences as the uterus grows to make room for the baby and potential postural changes. For some,...
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Tension Headaches: Finding Relief

While not as well known as their cousin migraine headaches, tension type headaches are actually the most common type of headache suffered by humans.   Why do we know so little about such a common problem? Part of this answer undoubtedly lies in the fact that tension headaches are not as debilitating as migraines, and thus the urgency to study...