Is Your Squat Form Holding Back Your Fitness Progress?

by simeoned | January 14, 2021 |
Is Your Squat Form Holding Back Your Fitness Progress?

Do you feel like your squat form continues to hold you back in workouts?  Problems with squat form often fit into common patterns.  The good news is, once you identify the pattern, the squat is much easier to work on.   Below are some of the most common squat faults and some of our favorite cues to help.  

Common Squat Form Faults & Tips for Proper Squat Form

Lumbar Reversal or Buttwink

If you’re having trouble imaging the buttwink, it’s the motion a dog does when they are taking a dump.  If this is your issue, think about pulling your belly button forward or making your upper back really tight.  

Over-extension Squat Form Fault

 This is seen when people start their squat with too much lumbar extension.  Before squatting try to pretend that your ribs and pelvis are bowls and you want them stacked directly on top of each other. 

Good Morning Squat Form Fault 

In this squat we see a big hip hinge pattern, forward trunk flexion, and almost no break in the knees.  If this is you, think about driving your chest up into the bar.  

Knee Valgus Fault or Knees Caving In

If your knees cave inside of your foot during your squat think really hard about driving your knees out!

Quad Dominant Squat Fault

 In this squat fault the knees shoot forward first with almost no initiation with the hip.  If this is you pretend like you are sitting back on a toilet. 

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