Unbreakable Shoulders: Less injury, better function

by simeoned | March 14, 2021 |
Unbreakable Shoulders: Less injury, better function

Are you looking to develop unbreakable shoulders?

Shoulder issues are some of the most common problems to both the general public and gym rats. Problems in the gym include pulling, pressing, and handstands. Likewise, activities like reaching into cabinets, buckling your seatbelt, or reaching in the backseat can be problematic. Oftentimes, people don’t even realize how integral the joint is to daily function until they have pain.

The shoulder complex is a complicated group of 3 joints. In addition, more muscles cross the shoulder joint than any other joint in the body. Due to this, many people struggle to ever get a clear diagnosis for their shoulder problems.  Getting a diagnosis is challenging for two other reasons.  One, most pain free shoulders have pathology on MRI images.  Therefore, it becomes very challenging to blame the tissue shown to be abnormal on the MRI for pain.  Also, muscle tendons are actually interwoven and have a close relationship with the capsules, bursa, and ligaments.  As a result, it is impossible to single out one structure due to their close connection.

At Onward, we see through experience that people who have STRONG shoulders and mobile mid backs (thoracic spines) have healthier shoulders.

Here are a few exercises that do a really nice job of creating serious strength in your shoulders. Do these and get them one step closer to unbreakable. 

The Standing Kettlebell Strict Press


Unstable Pressing


Prone Swimmers


Doorway Angels


Here are some great ways to target the thoracic spine. Perform these to add the mobility you need to get full function out of the shoulder joint

Upper Thoracic Mobilization


Grab a moderate-weight kettlebell and gentle place it at your upper thoracic spine. Sink down to the end range and add some extension overpressure to get you into some new ranges of motion!

Prayer Stretch

Similar to the upper thoracic mobilization above, however, this one is a more global stretch and requires no equipment! You can use a chair and sink down to get a great stretch across your upper back.

If you are having a shoulder problem whether it be a lack of mobility, lack of strength, or pain don’t wait; schedule an appointment here and be on your way to unbreakable shoulders.