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Pelvic floor Physical Therapy for men

If your pelvic floor isn’t functioning properly, it can throw a wrench in everything from your morning jog to your intimate moments. But here’s the straight talk: it doesn’t have to be this way.

At Onward, we get it. Whether it's discomfort sitting at your desk or trouble controlling your bladder post-procedure, we’re here to tell you that there's hope, and it comes in the form of dedicated physical therapy.

Our program isn't a one-size-fits-all. It’s a unique plan that’s tailored just for you, your issues, and your goals. We’re talking about real solutions that fit into your life and your story.

Our Treatments Include:
  • Spinal manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, scar mobilization to ease discomfort
  • Dry needling to address pain and regain strength
  • Specific pelvic floor exercises paired with overall body conditioning
  • A complete lifestyle once-over to promote healthy habits for recovery

It’s time to take control. It's time to feel like you again. So let’s connect and start your journey back to full fitness.

Ready to make a change? Let our male pelvic floor physical therapists help you!


Postpartum Plan

The Onward Difference


At Onward, our process for helping your prepare for child birth is simple, but incredibly effective. We utilize a combination of hands-on techniques and progressive exercises that are specifically tailored to you. Every individual is unique, and your treatment should be too!

Put The Fire Out
A variety of manual therapy techniques can provide rapid decreases in your pain levels and immediately improve your mobility.
Find The Source
A thorough and detailed examination to figure out what is actually causing your pelvic pain, allowing us to not only eliminate your current symptoms in the short term, but prevent them from happening in the future!
Build You Back Up!
Our long term solution with pelvic pain treatment is to increase your mobility, strength, and develop long term lifestyle strategies so that your symptoms no longer hold you back!

2,021 5-Star Reviews Can’t Be Wrong

The Nation chooses Onward Physical Therapy because our clinicians are experts in using manual therapy and corrective exercises to rapidly reduce pain, improve performance, and keep your issues away for good!
Jeremy C.

"After my prostatectomy, golf became a significant challenge. Each round was limited to just nine holes due to urinary urgency and leaking. After a few sessions, I'm back to 18 holes without any issues!"

Clint. W
"I've been competitively cycling for over a decade, but over the last few years, my mileage has tanked due to saddle pain. Not only that, but it was impacting my romantic life. So thrilled to report my mileage and my love-life are back to full speed thanks for the help I received at Onward."
Zach K.
"Hernia issues almost made me quit weightlifting. Even after a hernia repair, I was limited to lighter weights and had to modify my normal training. I am so thankful I got treatment from Onward and that I am strengthening all the supporting muscles of my core and pelvic floor, which has gotten me back on the platform at full speed!"
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