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Specific goals require intentional planning

Traditional physical therapy often results in the infamous advice to “just rest” alongside several low-level exercises. When the time finally comes to get back to the activities you love, there is a huge gap between those boring table exercises and the deadlifts, box jumps, and running you desperately want to return to.

At Onward, our team of fitness-forward clinicians is the answer to outdated exercise prescriptions typically seen in physical therapy.  Whether you just had surgery and need to figure out how not to lose all your hard-earned gains, or need help getting back to top shape after a long period out of the gym our team has the skills to help you crush your goals.

Our fitness programming starts with an in-depth review of your past training & injury history. This lays the foundation for us testing your mobility, strength, and movement capacity to establish baseline metrics. We'll then build custom fitness programs to help you reach your specific health & fitness goals. With a team composed exclusively of Doctors of Physical Therapy, you get expert programming from fitness-forward clinicians who understand how to program with your injury history in mind. The result is game-changing fitness routines that build you up without breaking you down!

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Fitness Programming | Onward Physical Therapy

The Onward Difference


At Onward, our process for providing lasting relief to individuals suffering from back pain is simple, but incredibly effective. We utilize a combination of hands-on techniques and progressive exercises that are specifically tailored to you. All back pain is unique, and your treatment should be too!

From professional athletes, to weekend warriors, to those working desk jobs, and everything in between – we’ve helped people from all walks of life get their freedom back!

Put The Fire Out
A variety of manual therapy techniques targeted towards the back and hips can provide rapid decreases in your pain levels and immediately improve your mobility.
Find the Source

A thorough and detailed examination to figure out what is actually causing your back pain, allowing us to not only eliminate your current pain in the short term, but prevent it from happening in the future!

Build You Back Up!

Our long term solution with back pain treatment is to increase your mobility, strengthen the muscles of the back, hips, and core, and develop long term lifestyle strategies so that your pain no longer holds you back!

1,265 5-Star Reviews Can’t Be Wrong

The Nation chooses Onward Physical Therapy because our clinicians are experts in using manual therapy and corrective exercises to rapidly reduce pain, improve performance, and keep your issues away for good!
Jenny V.

“I was dealing with an ongoing pain problem in my SI joint, low back, and hip. Through therapy and a well-designed exercise program, they were able to not only eliminate my pain but give me the knowledge to continue to make me physically and mentally stronger. I can’t thank them enough for all they have done for me.”

Natalie V.

“I have been struggling with back pain for over 8 years and it wasn’t until I found Onward did I start to see relief. For years I skipped workouts with deadlifts and kettlebell swings because I knew they would wreck me for days. They immediately got down to the root of my problem and quickly relieved my pain. I am beyond thrilled with my experience and will never go anywhere else. Highly recommend.”

Alia P.

“It has been 5 years since I have been able to do toes to bar without abdominal pain and cramping. I had no idea I had diastasis recti from having twins or that this separation could be fixed without surgery. I almost resigned my workouts to crunches until I found Onward. Two months later, I’m back in the game and doing my first toes to bar in 5 years!”

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