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At Onward Fort Collins, we employ a wide range of tools to get you back to health and performing at levels you never thought possible!

Finally, everything you need in one place

You deserve a different experience than what the medical system is currently providing. You've made a choice to prioritize your health and we've made a choice to ensure your success. Rushed appointments are replaced with detailed assessments, skilled treatments, and uninterrupted 1-on-1 sessions. Together, we’ll build a plan to reduce your pain and to come alongside you in your long term health journey.

At Onward, we believe that EXCELLENCE LOOKS DIFFERENT. And by different, we mean better.

Manual Therapy | Onward Physical Therapy

Manual Therapy

Hands on techniques to help impove your joint mobility, soft tissue flexibility, and improve pain so you can get back to moving!
Exercise Prescription | Onward Physical Therapy

Exercise Prescription

The movements you need to improve your strength, control, and mobility to reach optimal positioning for performance with decreased pain.
Dry Needling | Onward Physical Therapy

Dry Needling

The use of non-medicated needles to help improve tissue extensibility and decrease pain.
Spinal Manipulation & Mobilization | Onward Physical Therapy

Spinal Manipulation & Mobilization

Proven techniques to decrease pain and allow you to move better!
Performance Analysis | Onward Physical Therapy

Performance Analysis

From treadmill, gait analysis, lifting technique, performance coaching, to so much more. We offer the unique skill set of combining medical knowledge with high level performance coaching.
Fitness Programming | Onward Physical Therapy

Fitness Programming

No one likes being told to stop training because of an injury. The Onward team specializes in helping alter your training routine so you can continue improving your fitness without slowing your body’s healing!
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