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Physical Therapy Specialties

At Onward Denver, we employ a wide range of tools to get you back to health and performing at levels you never thought possible!

Physical Therapy Reimagined

You deserve a different type of experience than what the medical system is currently providing. You have chosen to prioritize your health and we want to ensure your success. At Onward Denver, rushed appointments are replaced with detailed assessments, skilled treatments, and uninterrupted 1-on-1 sessions. We will build a plan to reduce your pain and to come alongside you in your long-term health journey.

At Onward, we believe that EXCELLENCE LOOKS DIFFERENT. And by different, we mean better.

Physical Therapy | Onward Denver

Physical Therapy

Our team utilizes a combination of skilled hands-on techniques with detailed exercise prescriptions to rapidly reduce the pain impacting your life. But we won't stop at just ending the pain. We'll game-plan the long-term solutions you need to prevent your pain from coming back. Learn more about our physical therapy services.

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Pelvic Pain | Onward Denver

"Dr. Lauren was so supportive in helping me manage my pubic symphysis separation when pregnant with triplets. She was able to reduce my pain significantly and made the last trimester more liveable. I couldn’t speak more highly of her ability to relieve my stress and educate me on what to expect the rest of my pregnancy and following when it comes to recovery and return to exercise. I wanted to thank her for everything she did and putting me on the right path, it has made such a difference."

~ Jessica M.

Pelvic Pain

At Onward Denver, pelvic rehab isn’t simply kegels. It’s a customized plan built to match your goals & needs. With our team, you can expect tailored treatment programs to meet your specific needs for long-term, life-changing results! Learn more about our pelvic pain relief services.

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Hip Impingement | Onward Denver

Hip Impingement

At Onward Denver, we specialize in providing relief to those dealing with chronic hip impingement and would love the opportunity to help those wanting to regain their freedom of movement without surgeries, injections, or wasting time with ineffective treatments. Learn more about our hip impingement services.

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Headache Relief | Onward Denver

“When I first called her and told her about the pain I had been living with for 1 ½ years, I suspected she was going to be like the other physical therapists I had spoken with that said they couldn’t help me...I started having relief and symptom improvement after the very first appointment. She has given me back my life."

~ Amber G.

Neck Pain and Headaches

Battling neck pain and headaches can seem like a never-ending struggle. You deserve a different approach to eliminating your symptoms for good! Our team excels at helping individuals like you regain their freedom.Learn more about our headache and neck pain relief services.

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Headache Relief | Onward Denver

“I came to Lauren with two years of pain that no other PT or chiropractor could figure out…5 stars isn’t enough, 10/10 would send my friends, family and most loved ones to see her."

~ Geena L.

Back Pain

At Onward Denver, we specialize in providing relief to those dealing with back pain and would love the opportunity to help those wanting to regain their freedom of movement without wasting time with ineffective treatments that don't create long-term changes. Learn more about our back pain relief services.

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“I was sitting out from benching after a sternum injury, and as a powerlifter, it was demoralizing losing the ability to continue forward progress. A few weeks with Lauren and I was back under the bar and within 6 weeks on a powerlifting program she wrote for me, I not only regained my strength but put an extra 25 pounds on my bench from before my injury."

~ Seth K.

Restore & Perform

At Onward Denver, getting you out of pain is simple – we can help you achieve this rapidly. Building you a resilient body that allows you to perform and live at a level where you continue to stay pain free is a different story. Learn more about our Restore & Perform services.