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No Guess Work | Onward Physical Therapy

No Guess Work

Your search for an answer ends with Onward. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy have the required expertise and time to perform a comprehensive interview and assessment which will finally identify the root cause of your pain.
Put the Fire Out | Onward Physical Therapy

Put the Fire Out

Enjoy symptom easing body work performed by the most highly skilled manual therapists in the world. We've got all the tools: Massage, dry needling, spinal manipulation, myofascial decompression, body tempering, and plenty more to ensure your nagging aches and pains are eliminated permanently.
The Long Term Fix | Onward Physical Therapy

The Long Term Fix

Feel great, perform great. After your pain is gone, our exercise specialists develop a customized program to keep it in the past where it belongs. Expect to elevate your physical performance to achieve every goal you've set and a few you didn't believe were even possible.

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2,021 5-Star Reviews Can’t Be Wrong

The Nation chooses Onward Physical Therapy because our clinicians are experts in using manual therapy and corrective exercises to rapidly reduce pain, improve performance, and keep your issues away for good!
Michael M.

“Dr. Comford is the best I have been to. Taylor understood the problem and shot out to fix it. He knows how to push you to do your best when you’re with them and without. He makes sure to get you short term relief and work for long-term solutions. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for physical therapy.”

Betsy H.

“I have known Taylor for about four years and no one has helped me more than he has. It is always nice to walk in and see that smile and know that you were going to feel better when you walk out. Taylor is extremely good at his job.”

Chris J.

“Unfortunately, but FORTUNATELY, I spent time with Dr. Comford recovering from two different surgical procedures at his facility. During that time, I had the opportunity to observe firsthand, his exceptional work ethic, and leadership skills. I truly believe his balance of professionalism and kindness, combined with his incredible PT knowledge, are nearly impossible to beat. He truly cares about his patients and will get you back to living your best life.”

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