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At Onward Hendersonville, we pride ourselves on having unrivaled transparency, which is why our prices never fluctuate. We believe that our specific treatments for your goals and needs should be individualized, but our prices should not.

As a customer, you should feel comfortable knowing exactly how much you are paying before you ever walk in the door.

No guesswork. No hidden costs.

Whether it's an initial evaluation, follow-up session, movement screening, running analysis, injury programming, or anything else we offer, know that you are getting our highest quality care, every hour, no matter what.

Price: $150/60 min

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Hip Impingement

The Restore & Perform Program

At Onward, getting you out of pain is simple – we can help you achieve this rapidly. Building you a resilient body that allows you to perform and live at a level where you continue to stay pain free is a different story. Restore/perform is our solution to help keep your past injury where it belongs: in the past. We’re not here to just get you back to your baseline, where tweaks and flare ups are an awkward twist or turn away. We’re here to help you reach a level where your body can handle the stresses life or training throws at it without faltering. Never backwards, always ONWARD.

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Restore & Perform Details

- YOUR PERFORMANCE GOALS, YOUR SESSION. Each visit, we break down your individual needs to keep you performing at the highest level. These monthly sessions are tailored to exactly what your current life or training stresses demand.

- Your Restore & Perform program is your personal outlet each month and intended to keep you maintaining past progress, preventing future issues, or improving overall recovery. We may perform manual therapy, movement assessments, or updated exercise prescriptions based on your needs.

**6 month commitments are available for Restore & Perform services.

Level 1


  • ONE 60 min session
  • Full email/text access to your physical therapist
Level 2


  • TWO 60 min sessions
  • Full email/text access to your physical therapist

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