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At Onward Physical Therapy, we don't treat every condition. We treat specific conditions exceptionally well.

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You deserve a different experience than what the medical system is currently providing. You've made a choice to prioritize your health and we've made a choice to ensure your success. Rushed appointments are replaced with detailed assessments, skilled treatments, and uninterrupted 1-on-1 sessions. Together, we’ll build a plan to reduce your pain and to come alongside you in your long term health journey.

At Onward, we believe that EXCELLENCE LOOKS DIFFERENT. And by different, we mean better.

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Pelvic Health | Onward Physical Therapy

PElvic Health

Pelvic rehab isn’t simply kegels at Onward Colorado Springs. It’s a customized plan built to match your goals & needs. With our team, you can expect tailored treatment programs to meet your specific needs for long-term, life-changing results!

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Neck Pain & Headaches | Onward Physical Therapy


Many individuals suffer needlessly from years of chronic headaches that have been misdiagnosed. Our team specializes in headache management to create life-changing reductions in cervicogenic headaches for individuals! Learn more about our neck pain & headache relief services.
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Knee Pain | Onward Physical Therapy

Knee Pain

Whether you are returning to sports after an ACL reconstruction or recently tweaked you knee in a workout, we specialize in providing relief to those dealing with knee pain. We would love the opportunity to help those wanting to regain their freedom of movement.

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Back Pain | Onward Physical Therapy

Back Pain

Back pain can impact so many activities and stop us from doing the things we love. Not only can we get you out of pain, but we help you build a strong and resilient back to get you better than before and prevent future injury! 

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Pregnancy and Post-Partum | Onward Physical Therapy

Pregnancy and Post-Partum

Child birth is the most amazing and difficult challenge of many women's lives. We're here to help you along your pregnancy and postpartum journey to stay healthy and active!

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Running Evaluation | Onward Physical Therapy

Running Evaluation

Our running evaluation is designed to identify the factors holding back your performance and/or resulting in overuse injuries. A comprehensive biomechanics assessment plus a screen of your body's movement capacity to find the "leaks" in your performance.
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TMJ Pain | Onward Physical Therapy

TMJ Pain

The temporomandibular joint (aka the TMJ) can create significant life disturbances when irritated. Simple tasks like eating, drinking, and speaking become much more challenging with this condition. At Onward Colorado Springs, we specialize in providing rapid relief for those suffering from TMJ pain.

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Shoulder Pain | Onward Physical Therapy


We specialize in providing relief to those dealing with shoulder pain and would love the opportunity to help those wanting to regain their freedom of movement without surgeries, injections, or wasting time with ineffective treatments.
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Post-Rehab Fitness Plan  | Onward Physical Therapy


You’ve spent months rehabbing from orthopedic surgery or injury. Let our team safely guide you as you return to full workouts with customized programming from doctors of physical therapy.
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Restore & Perform | Onward Physical Therapy

Restore & Perform

At Onward Colorado Springs, getting you out of pain is simple – we can help you achieve this rapidly. Building you a resilient body that allows you to perform and live at a level where you continue to stay pain free is a different story.

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Foot Pain | Onward Physical Therapy

Foot and Ankle Pain

When your feet hurt, everything hurts! You don’t have time for ineffective treatments, so let our team quickly ease your foot pain!
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Diastasis Recti | Onward Physical Therapy


Diastasis recti refers to the separation of the abdominal muscles that naturally occurs during pregnancy. For many women, this separation persists postpartum. Our team specializes in helping moms restore their core postpartum!
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